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Working Hours and Holidays

  • Login to the Admin Module using your email address and password which you initially provided.
  • Subsequently, the calendar will be displayed.sample 2
  • Click on the building icon on the menu on the left to proceed to the Working Hours section.sample 3
  • This enables the user to update the working hours of the organization.sample 4
  • The user will have the ability to update the working hours by selecting the start time and end time from the respective drop downs.
  • If the organization is closed on a specific day, the user will be able to use the toggle button to disable the respective date as follows:sample 6
  • Once the working hours are updated, click the “Update” button.
  • Subsequently, once successfully saved, the following message will be displayed:sample 8
  • If there are any holidays, these can be updated via the Holidays tab.sample 9
  • The holidays can be added for the office or staff.sample 10
  • The date can be selected from the calendar, which will be displayed when the date field is selected:sample 11
  • The user will be able to define whether the holiday is a full date or not by using the”Fullday” toggle button.sample 12
  • Select whether the holiday is full day or not and/or the time which the organization is working, and click the “Add” button.sample 13
  • Subsequently, the following message will be displayed, and the added holiday will be displayed in the list on the right:sample 14
  • The organization holidays will be displayed in the calendar as follows:sample 15
  • If a holiday is added for a staff member, the respective staff member calendar will be disabled for the date which the holiday is added.