Keto Diet for Beginners to Lose Weight Stay Young and Beautiful

Keto Diet for Beginners to Lose Weight Stay Young and Beautiful

Do you want to look like a celebrity while having your cravings fulfilled? We don’t ask you to cut your meals from adding some cheese or having your favorite meat. What we all ask is to cut the Carb intake. Carbohydrate is the distant help you can never have whereas Fat will help to have your dream body goals come true.

What is Keto? Why no Carb but Fat?

Keto diet has become the new trend in fast few years around the Globe. It is in the mouth of Gym instructors, Youtubers, Instagram Models. So, let’s find out what is Keto and its benefits.

Why does Fat is hard to burn even if you work hard to reduce weight?

Carb is the primary fuel source that gives you the energy to keep the metabolism work. Did you know that fat works as your secondary energy source? Since Carb works as the primary energysource, Fat remains in our body. So, now you know why you look like a raw potato instead of French fries. Fat does not burn when the high-calorie amount of Carb consumed daily.

So, what is the solution to make your secondary energy source works in the first place? Stop taking Carb! They have a high amount of calories. When you consume so much less Carb food, the Fat burns as it performs the energy need. When Fat burns, you won't have an extra bulge of muscles hang into the body.

The Ketone helps to burn Fat in your muscles. So, your body will show a rapid loss of weight. The function of Ketones is termed as Ketosis. Now you know why it is called Keto Diet.

18 foods you should avoid in Ketosis.

Most of the foods on the planet have a high Carb level. But, it doesn’t mean that we don’t have anything to eat which is Keto friendly. We will show you 18 foods that have Carb excessively.

We want you to avoid consuming some of the known milk products that have high-calorie level, types of yogurts, ice cream, fruits, fruit juice, soft drinks, cereals, bread, rice, rice flour products, wheat flour products, high carb vegetables, corn, sugar, sweets, desserts, biscuits, chocolates.

6 go to foods for Keto Diet.

We highly recommend you to take these 6 foods in your Keto-friendly food recipes. These will keep you fit while working as your energy source at the same time. You can consume all the Green vegetables, any meat you prefer, Avacado, eggs, cheese, and fresh milk.

The need for a Workout plan.

What is your next step after Keto Diet?

If you are in a hurry to reduce weight or like to stay fit and in shape, your next step is to have a cardio work out that suits you best. You can have the help from your gym instructor in making the schedule. Another important reminder we have here is the consumption of at least 2liters of water per day.

So, give yourself a nice treat from Keto-friendly food and do exercises to achieve your target. Law intake of sugar will keep you young and fit. You will look stunning around your colleagues or in your favorite dress. Think about the benefits you can gain when you avoid high-calorie intake.