How to Protect Your Skin While Wearing a Mask

How to Protect Your Skin While Wearing a Mask

How to protect your skin when you wear a mask while you safeguard yourself from COVID 19

In the beginning, it was only the medical team in hospitals were wearing masks while taking care of COVID-19 patients. After identifying the COVID 19 virus is highly contagious and spread from person to person, it was made essential to ear face mask in public. Face masks are the shield that protects humans from deadly COVID 19 virus but it also has side effects.

Wearing a mask for a longer duration can lead to skin problems ranging from flaring of skin rashes to worsening of acne. Our skin requires a little breathing space and it is most important to consider what to apply on face before wearing masks as those can block the air circulation.

Let’s see some tips to protect your skin while wearing a mask

Apply lightweight sunscreen cream or lotion on the face before wearing the mask

Apply lightweight sunscreen lotion or cream which preferably include flowers of zinc or titanium oxide (mineral-based sunscreen). That type of chemical protects the skin from elastic or rubber materials of the mask.

Maintain moisture on the skin

To moisturize the skin, wash the skin well, and use a light moisturizer. For extremely dry skin people need to use a heavy moisturizing cream and prevent from applying ointments due to their too greasiness. Ointments have a bad effect on the seal of some tight-fitting masks.

Don’t wear masks too tight.

You need to be sure that the mask covers both nose and mouth perfectly. But the mask shouldn’t too tight to the skin which may cause bruising the skin. Whether you wear a Homemade mask or standard masks, you need to be wearing masks more relax to avoid skin irritation and bruises on your face.

Prevent applying Makeup under the mask

It is important things that to prevent applying makeup under the mask which may lead to the lesser circulation of the air inside due to chemicals on the face and cause the chemicals to react with the skin.

Wash hands properly

Scrub hands with water and soap after coming to your place before touching anything and before removing the mask. Without properly cleaning your hands never touch eyes, mouth, and nose. COVID 19 virus can be affected through eyes, nose, and mouth. Therefore the most important rule is that keep the hands clean and neat to keep the face clean and protected.

Use Microspore Tape or Paper Tape

If you wear glasses and while wearing a mask if there are fogging up use microspore or paper-tape. And the tape will stay the mask across the bridge of nose and cheeks. This support of tape doesn’t do much damage to the skin when removing the mask.

After removing the mask, Apply petrolatum

Apply petrolatum if you suffer from raw and chaffed skin after wearing masks for the whole day. You can even use the Aloe Vera mask which has anti-inflammatory properties that smooth the skin.

Switch Masks when needed

Always use clean masks and if masks are used once make sure to wash them properly. And if the mask has tight elastic bands it may hurt the ears and try to use masks with cloth ear loops with reserve enough space for breathing in the mask.

COVID 19 virus is not like other viruses. COVID 19 spread through person to person and usage of masks and cleaning ourselves is the most important thing that should be considered. by overcoming side effects when wearing a mask we need to ensure that we are protected from all the diseases with a strong healthy body.