Everyday 3 Step Skincare Basics and When to Visit Your Salon

Everyday 3 Step Skincare Basics and When to Visit Your Salon

It can be a busy outdoor day or a whole day at home, but your skincare routine can keep you refreshing and delicate at any time of the day. Your care for your body is so important since it will keep you miraculously beautiful. And you would look graceful among others without doubts.

Best things in life come as habits and this is your chance to make your skin routine the ultimate habit to the beauty you always seek!

Three-steps skincare routine consists

  • Cleansing - good cleaning of the skin.
  • Toning - balancing the skin.
  • Moisturizing - hydrating and nourishing the skin.

#Step one - Cleansing.

You wash your face and body at least twice a day to stay clean and healthy. Cleansing with a good cleansing product will remove dirt and oil on your skin. If you skip cleansing especially after having makeup, there is a high tendency that pollutants and makeup leftovers would remain on your face. So, don’t think twice to cleanse your face when return home having spent the day outside.

#Step two - Toning.

Why is it so important to use a face toner? The use of toner is to balance the PH of the skin after using alkaline soap or Cleansing products. While it helps to balance the PH of your skin, it will also remove the leftover makeup and excess oil and dirt in the skin. After using the toner, your skin is all good for moisturizing and hydrating.

#Step Three - Moisturizing.

Our skin needs good nourishment and hydration since we may have a hot water bath at the end of the day. Also, our skin does expose to the sun and other possible conditions that harm our skin. Definitely, you must use a good Moisturizer to nourish and hydrate the skin.

Moisturizer is not only needed for the face, applying a good body cream will keep you relaxed and comfortable all day. So choose a cream that suits your skin type. A person with dry skin needs an oil-based product while a person with oily skin should use a water-based product.

Never forget to hydrate your skin every time you have a shower!

Consummation of a good quantity of water will greatly help you to stay hydrated and healthy. So, don’t ignore what drinking water can do to your body.

When is it the time to visit Salon?

Do we need salon visits often? Well, it depends on how you treat your skin daily. If you make skincare routine a daily habit, while having healthy food and good sleep, there is no need to visit salons often as you think. In a way, it will save you time and money.

However, it is good to have a cleanup per two weeks or once a month depending on your use of makeup and outdoor activities.

Facials by a professional hand could assure better results. Have a qualified person as your beautician for greater results.